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Extension Cord

25 Or 50 foot long extension cords for rent. 

Why spend $30-$100 on a New one? That You will only use once?

Only $10.00 Each Per day

Ice Chest / With Wheels

100 qt

 Only $30 Per Day. Great for large events.

Multiple day specials 

Trash Can Rental

32 Gallon

Limited Quantity 

Having a Large Event These will Help you keep the Venue Clean.

Gator container features a one-piece, molded construction for high-impact resistance and crush-resistance. Offset ridge design allows the container to nest without jamming. Handles have a larger radius and deeper well for easy lifting

Garbage Can Rentals

Only $15.00 Each Per Day


- Six coned Pinatas Great for 5 Pound Candy Mix

- We have Many Themes Just ask for Availability

- Pick at the store or get delivered with your package Deal

- We have custom Piñatas for Different prices.

Only $18 Each

Pinata Sticks

Need a pinata stick Isabella's Party Rentals Has you covered. We will deliver one with your order or pick it up at our store.

Only $4.00 (For sale) Each

75 Foot long Nylon Rope (Color varies)

Flexible and Durable, Withstands rot and mildew. Great for Pinatas.

Only $3 (For Sale) Each

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