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Do you deliver and set up?

Yes, Isabella's Jumpers courteous drivers will deliver and set up each jumper and ensure that it is clean and in good working conditions before your event starts. Then we will come back and take it down at the end of the rental period. Setup normally takes about 15-20 minutes, and take down about the same.


Does the blower need electricity? How much does it use?

Yes. You'll need a standard 110- volt outlet near the setup area. And We supply a 25-foot extension cord. The blower runs continuously and uses approximately 14 cents an hour. Recommended for you to have an extra 25-50 foot-long extension cord and a 3 prong adapter. For watersides we require you to provide 2 extension cords. 


On which types of surfaces can a jumper be placed on?

The safest surface is a level grassy area. We can set up on concrete. Surfaces other than the ones mentioned will be at our discretion. Please have the area clear of obstacles before our driver arrives, for faster service. 


How much room do i need to set up a jumper?

You should have an area about 13x13 ft. with a clearance of about 15X16ft. When you call to reserve your jumper, we will let you know the dimensions for the particular jumpers you will be renting. 


Do we require a deposit?

Yes, on all orders, we need to know the date, time, and location of your event and order. If your order is canceled 7 days before your event you can redeem your deposit back. If not you will lose your deposit for any order. Deposits varied from



Do we accept credit or debit cards?

Yes, we do!! and are accepting the top cards

Discover card, Master-card, diners Club International,Visa, American Express over the phone.

*$2 fee added to your order 


What if I have to cancel?

No problem. Just give us a call 24 hours in advance, as we usually have a waiting list. 


Can a bounce house be set up indoors?

YES, provided that you have a minimum area of 13x13 ft with 18 ft. of height clearance. Spaces that are typically large enough are gyms, shopping malls, and convention halls, just to name a few. 


Do you deliver to parks?

We have discontinued park rentals, because of some very bad

events and some bad situations we have stopped all park rentals. "might make an exception" lots of requirements.

If we do make an exemption please come in to the store to make reservation. For Parks, Generators are required in most cases. Rentals are available for the days (6-8 hours) *Fuel is Filled up once, Customers are responsible for fill ups after gas runs out. 


Do I have to tip the driver?

No you do not have to tip the driver. They get paid minimum wage by us. The delivery drivers are responsible for the physical labor of setting up the jump house and cleaning it, as well as reviewing rules and safety with you. If you feel the driver did an excellent job of preparing the jump house and equipment for your event, you can offer the driver a tip on your own. The driver will accept your tip if offered one. 

Generator Rentals? 

Most park rentals require a Generator rental. The Rentals for the day is a 6-8 hour rental or till the Gas Runs out. We Fill up the Generator once. Then after the Customer is responsible for any additional Fill ups. 


With deliveries, will our drivers set up and break down the equipment?

It’s a team effort. We will set up and take down complex equipment, such as tenting, stages, dance floors and/or lighting. All other equipment will arrived stacked and placed within 50 feet of our truck, in a proper location, and should be put back in the same location for pick up. Complete set up and take down services are available at an additional fee. 



we prefer cash payments for your orders. paid upfront when the drivers finish their job. However we can also take payment on our new invoice system you will get on your phone.

If payment is not given upfront and our contract is not signed with valid ID we will not leave the rentals.

Do we have a store?

Yes, we do have a store it at 142 N 9th st Modesto, Ca 95350. You can make your reservation at the store or on the phone. We sale all your party needs cups, napkins, Candy and more. 


Do we have a minimum?

Yes, we do our very least minimum is at least $70 Modesto area.

Do you Clean your Equipment?

Yes, we clean our Jumpers and equipment Every week to the standards of Stanislaus County Department of Environmental Resources. We follow the Wash, Rinse, and Sanitize Procedure.

*Clorox is used to Sanitize at least 100+ppm used. 


Do i have to sign the contract given to me by the driver?

Yes, when you make a reservation with Isabella's party rentals you have to agree to the terms on our contracts. witch you agree by printing your name and signature. A copy will be given to you once signed for you to look over. If you refuse to sign then we can not conduct business at your event. A VALID ID IS REQUIRED 


Party rentals in rainy weather

If you reserved a bounce house on a day that water is expected you can cancel at any time.

if you do not cancel one of our office employees will contact you the night before your reservation, to confirm that you still want your rental even though their is a risk of rain. If you agree to receive the rental, their is no refund once the job is completed. 


If the weather is to dangerous for kids to play we reserve the right to cancel you order at any time.



Deposit Policy

If you place a Deposit for any service or any order, and you cancel your order will lose your deposit. If you do not cancel 7 days before. 



Sorry but once the job is done and the supplies is delivered we can not give a full refund back. some refund might be given back only if agreed by both parties. cash/or with coupons will be given back for next orders. one coupon per order. 

Delivery fee

$2 Per mile for orders outside of Modesto


Inflatable Rules:

Adult supervision is required at all times

No food, gum, toys, shoes, hard objects, drinks, or other objects are allowed inside the jumper

No back flips, wresting, fighting, boxing or hanging from the net inside or outside the jumper

Do not let the jumper rub against any surface

Do not move the jumper from the location where it was set-up

NO SILLY STRING. Silly string damages the vinyl. You will be charged for all repairs required from silly string damage.

Motor/ Blower

• Motor/blower needs to be on at all times. when Unit is in use.

• If motor/blower turns off the inflatable will lose air and collapse.

Potential Problems that can cause under inflation

• If there are any leaves or debris blocking the air suction.

• If inflation tube is not securely tightened to blower.

• Or using extension cords over 100 feet long (or many smaller cords)

Potential Problems that can cause electricity power to short?

- If there are other appliances being used on the same electricity outlet or breaker.

- If gas in the generator runs out

- If electrical cord has been taken out of the outlet

- If motor/blower switch has been turned off

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