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Great for All Events!

Cotton Candy Machine

By renting a cotton candy machine you can bring the magic of cotton candy to your event, whether it is a birthday party or a carnival fundraiser!

All will enjoy watching the cotton candy spin off the rented cotton candy machine almost as much as eating it.

Includes 60 Cones and 1 Sugar Box (Pink or Blue)

$65.00 All Day Rental

Extra Cotton Candy Kit

1 Box (Blue or Pink)

60 White Cones

Only $20.00 Per Set

Pop-Corn Machine

Popcorn Machine pops some of the best fresh popcorn you have ever tasted. Simply add one of the pre-measured popcorn packs to the hopper, and in minutes you will have great tasting fresh popped popcorn. Comes with Cart.

Includes 30 bags and Pop Corn Kernel

$65.00 All Day Rental

Extra Pop Corn Kits

MegaPop Pre- Measured Popcorn Set

30 Bags

Only $20.00 Each Set

Snow Cone Machine

Snow cones popular every ware in the Summer Time. Make summer Memories with a Snow cone Machine at your next Event.

Comes on a Cart. Simple to use only needs Regular bagged Ice.

Includes 30 Cups and a Large 1 gallon Syrup of Choice (Lime,cherry,bubble gum,)

Only $65.00 All Day

Extra Snow-cone Kit

1 Gallon Syrup (Cherry,lime,bubble Gum)

30 Cups

$20.00 Each Set

Nacho Cheese Dispenser

This nacho cheese dispenser is a great one stop machine for your nacho cheese dispensing needs! The El Nacho Grande nacho cheese Dispenser has virtually no clean up needs, a pre-heating area for a back up cheese, quick reloading of bags, and airtight control. The machine also contains a peristaltic pump to dispense the cheese, meaning that there will be little food waste in the bag! Also comes equipped with 3 buttons for varied dispensing amounts.

Our Nacho Cheese Dispenser is a great addition to any party or fundraiser

The nacho cheese dispenser holds 140 oz. bags of cheese that it dispenses in 1 to 2 oz increments so you can control your profitability if you are using it for a fundraiser.

Includes 1 Bag of Cheese 140oz

Only $80.00 All Day

Extra Cheese Kit

1 Bag of Cheese with Tube

It's a smooth and delicious cheese sauce packaged in a clear 140 ounce dispenser pouch. Comes with a disposable dispensing tube. Ideal for concession and food service use!

Only $20.00 Each Bag

Hot Dog Steamer

This spacious unit holds up to 164 hot dogs and 36 buns so that you can be confident you'll never run out of product during even the busiest rushes. It features a convenient divider between the two hot dog trays so that you can easily separate different sizes of hot dogs or even separate hot dogs from sausages. For added versatility, attractive graphics on each side of the steamer

An adjustable thermostat allows you to cook hot dogs in 20-30 minutes, and then adjust the temperature down to keep product hot for hungry guests. (Buns and Dog not Included)

Only $65.00 All Day

Frozen Drink

Commercial Slushy Machine

Want to serve your guests or customers delicious icy drinks during summer?

  • Capacity: 2*15 L / 2 *4 gallons

  • Power: 1000W

  • Voltage: 110V

  • Product Dimension: 17 x 17.7 x 31.5 inch/ 430 x 450 x 800 mm

  • Weight: 101.4 lbs/ 46 kg

  • Electrical Requirements:

(Machine requires a dedicated 15 or 20 Amp circuit.)

Can be out side


Only $200 per day (Includes 2 Gallons Syrup)

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